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    Wednesday, 13 September 2017

    How to Pack Dishes and other Household Breakables

    Packing dishes and breakables is undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs when it comes to your big move. Now, packing the fragile items is no child’s play. A lot of preparations go into to  ensure your treasured stained glass painting and the heirloom Ming vase is safe even after a tiring journey. But nothing to sweat- if you know the right packing supplies and strategies, you don’t have to worry about the fate of your delicate valuables Exhibition Booth Design.

    The post below offers expert tips on how to pack dishes and other household breakables.

    Get the right supplies:

    ·  Dish boxes- slightly more expensive than regular cardboard boxes, these are double-layered and especially meant to carry fragile items.

    ·     Packing paper- you will need to wrap the plates. Besides, packing paper should be crumpled and kept between the individual items (while stacking) to absorb impacts.

    ·     Bubble wrap- It’s especially meant to pack breakable stuff as it has shown to assure strong absorption if there is a sudden jerk or drop.

    ·    Packing tape- You will need packing tape in large amount. It will not only help to seal the boxes but you would also need it to secure the individual wrapping of each object.

         Preparing your dish box

         First, run a packing tape from central bottom of your box till 1/3rd of the side. Then you will insulate the box. The most common way is to make a bedding of crumpled packing paper (or newspaper) at the bottom of your dish box. Then, make it more secure with a layer of bubble wrap. You can also use a thick towel for further insulation.

    Tips to pack dishes

    First you will wrap up each dish with 2 layers of packing paper. Fold the sides to ensure all the sides are covered. Then, layer it up with a bubble wrap. Finally seal the whole thing with packing tape. Do not pile the dishes horizontally as it would mean too much of pressure on the one at the bottom. Rather, you should always stack the dishes vertically. Don’t forget to place crumpled paper in between each of the plates. After you are done stacking, cover up the remaining part of your dish box with packing paper and a further blanket of bubble wrap.

    Packing tips for other breakables

    Glassware- each pieces should be wrapped individually. Insert crumpled paper inside hollow pieces for more protection. Don’t forget a layer of bubble wrap with each piece. The heaviest ones should be piled at the bottom.
    Pictures- Use moving blankets to wrap them after you pack them up with packing paper. As with the plates, you must put crumpled paper in between each of the packed paintings while packing.
    Lamps- When it comes to lamps, you have to get individual boxes for lamp bases and shades.  Pack each of them individually and then secure with bubble wrap as you will do with all the other things above.

    The bottomline is to cushion up the whole thing as much as possible.

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